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Our history

120 years of a family story, the experience of the custom-made service!

  • 1893: Louis Delcambe opens a shoe repair store in Genappe. He realizes custom-made shoes.
  • 1920: Adelin Delcambe opens a shoe store in Nivelles. There, he develops brands such as Bally Swiss, Salamander and renowned Belgian brands.
  • Their daughter Josette Delcambe takes up the torch in 1962 and opens another store in Mons in 1965.
  • It is the famous period of the Italian shoe that, Josette will import directly from factories through the cooperative group (ABCD) created in 1946 with some Belgian independents.
  • With Marc, Jérôme and Catherine, it is the fourth generation which pursues the development of stores.
  • In 1979: opening in Mons of a store dedicated to the children.
  • In 1981: transfer in Mons of the store for men and women in a historical building. More and more customers take advantage of the additional space offered.
  • 1988: The store of Nivelles moves and expands.
  • 1992: opening in Mons of a specialized shoe store with more comfortable shoes and slippers.
  • 1994: opening of a new store in the shopping mall “Cora” in La Louvière.
  • 1996: enlargement of the store for children in Mons. Delcambe settles down in a new building, a space dedicated to young people and trendy shoes.
  • 2003: opening of a new store in the shopping mall “Les Grands Prés” in Mons. The fifth generation is underway, Marie joins in 2005 and François in 2008.
  • 2008: opening in the shopping mall “Wilson” in Jemappes.
  • 2012: Two stores open their doors the same year, one in the shopping mall “Esplanade” in Louvain-la-Neuve and the other one in the Nivelles Shopping Center.
  • ...And these are only the first steps of a history led by the passion to get you walking.